At Genius Camp, we engage children in real-life challenges and encourage them to put theory into practice with fun STREAM-based (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math) projects.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

– Albert Einstein


Inspire your child to fall in love with learning
and explore their sense of wonder.

Our mission is to give your child the confidence they need to thrive and become successful. Creating a positive relationship with learning through interactive programs encourages young minds to innovate and explore their creativity.
Taught by experienced instructors, our STREAM camps emphasize learning through hands-on activities and play.
Gaining real world life skills has never been this fun!

Coding & Engineering 101

This is where coding and engineering collide. We begin with the foundation of a computer—the hardware. Then we get binary (01101100 01101111 01101100) to learn how a computer executes coded instructions. We put this together with programming concepts in JavaScript and learn how to program the Micro:Bit, an interactive pocket-sized computer that’s yours to take home.

Robotics Fundamentals

Meet your new coding buddies! Whether it’s used for fun or PhD-level robotics research, robots are ready to learn. In this course, we build, play with, and program robots to solve puzzles and problems. Better yet, we teach a robot to solve a problem on its own and learn the power of artificial intelligence. 


Everybody needs a website and a YouTube channel to connect with the world! In this course, we establish a brand and help you become a YouTube star, create a website and sell your exceptional product. It is all accessible after this course.


Dive into the world of chemistry and physics as we pass down tricks and magic you can share with your friends. Understand the science behind these safe tricks and see their application in our everyday lives.


From a powered car to a hydraulic bridge, use your hands to build structures and you will always remember how to do it again! In this course, we understand how each structure is designed and we test your creativity in optimizing their function.


Discover the science behind kites, balloons, airplanes, helicopters, drones and rockets. The only prerequisite is a natural curiosity and innate desire for exploring and engineering. Let’s enjoy designing, manufacturing and launching our own aircrafts!

AI & Robotics

Cozmo is more than a computer—it’s an AI with personality, a companion for a journey into a world of adventures and challenges, long after camp ends. In this course, we learn coding with Cozmo and see its artificial intelligence react with giggles, jiggles, squeals, and squeaks as you triumph together on any task.



Lights, computer chips, and all sorts of electronic devices rely on circuits to work! How do we control energy to power these devices and how do we make sure they don’t burn out? We find the answers to these questions at camp with the littleBits electronic building blocks.


Imagination meets production in this hands-on course. Learn how to design simple 3D objects and prepare them for 3D printing with Autodesk AutoCAD. Make something from scratch or import a more intricate model to use as a starting point, then watch your creation print and take it home!

Computer Engineering

Repairing and troubleshooting a computer is a powerful skill in real life.​ This camp is ideal for those interested in computer hardware. You will learn about the different components of a computer and see how laptops, phones, and desktop computers aren’t all that different.


This integrated course is the combination of aerospace, electric circuit and 3D printing. With the help of aerospace knowledge that you learned from previous camps, you can design, manufacture, print the mechanical parts. Assemble the electric circuit and let it fly!


Build a laptop in this course that combines hardware and software knowledge for a hands-on approach to computer science. Students will put together their pi-top laptop—that is theirs to take home—from a Raspberry Pi and other circuit boards.

You want your kids to learn and they want fun!

Now you can have both.


We offer a creative learning environment where young learners get the chance to explore engineering, architecture, mechanics, and sciences in a positive and friendly atmosphere.


Our camps are designed to inspire children to think outside the box and learn crucial skills like teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking in a fun and engaging environment.


Our integrated teaching methods explore the genius within the children and inspire them to become more knowledgeable, creative, and self-motivated not only in the classroom but also in real life.


Summer Camp Locations


We offer full day programs in classrooms and give children an opportunity to integrate science, technology, robotics, engineering, math, and art in interactive and fun way. Our program is designed with the future success of young students in mind.

Interested in bringing these interactive learning opportunities to your school?


Inspire and motivate your child to learn crucial skills like teamwork, leadership and critical thinking in a fun and engaging environment this summer.
Prepare young children to thrive in the vastly growing technology dominated world by giving them the tools they need to succeed.