Toronto's fastest growing STEM camp

Toronto's fastest growing STEM camp
At Genius Camp, we intermingle play with learning and encourage children to apply real life skills using science, technology, engineering and math.
High-end courses delivered by experts
Our professional teachers expand your child's perspective by awakening their problem-solving skills and inspiring them to think outside the box.
Every child has a genius within.
At Genius Camp, we help your child discover areas of interest and develop lifetime skills that are inline to their talents and passions.
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Inspire your child to fall in love with learning and explore their sense of wonder.

Our mission is to give your child the confidence they need to thrive and become successful. Creating a positive relationship with learning through interactive programs encourages young minds to innovate and explore their creativity. Taught by experienced instructors, our STREAM camps emphasize learning through hands-on activities and play. Gaining real world life skills has never been this fun!

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AI & Robotics

Learn to code with Cozmo and see it react and do tasks

Aerospace Science

Discover the science behind kites, planes, drones & rockets.


Virtual World & Social Media

Establish a brand and become a YouTube star

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Customer Reviews

“ My son had a fantastic time learning how to use a 3D printer and then continued his learning by bringing the printer home to keep!!! The staff were helpful, educated and fun. Highly recommended! ”
“ Great curriculum presented in a really stimulating way. My 7 year old came home every day proud to show us what he had made and eager to explain the new concepts he had learned! ”
“ My 11 year old twins attended the camp this summer and loved it. My daughter needs to be constantly engaged and she woke up every morning excited and looking forward to attending the camp. The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught concepts in engaging ways that were easy to understand. We were given a progress report which not only focused on the learnings of the day but soft skills the kids displayed. I would highly recommend this camp! ”
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