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Senior mechanical engineer, respected leader and an effective mentor with more than 14 years’ practical experience in design and project management in HVAC, fire suppression and energy modeling in both residential and mission critical facilities.
Babak is the co-founder and vice-president of Genius Camp. He strongly believes in hands-on project based education. As the head of our Program Development Group, he is leading a team of engineers and teachers to create new, innovative curriculums for Genius Camp.

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Mechatronics Engineering



Electrical Engineering



Machine Learning & Data Mining

At Genius Camp we are empowered by a professional team specialized in different subjects including Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Math.

We engage children in real-life challenges and encourage them to put theory into practice in a fun way, using science, technology, engineering and math. We expand children’s perspectives by awakening their problem-solving skills and inspiring them to think outside the box. We identify and pinpoint every individual’s need and walk them through the path of success at a pace which suits them best. Our integrated teaching methods explore the genius within the children and inspire them to become more knowledgeable, creative, and self-motivated not only in the classroom, but also in real life.

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